Jon Cheplak Reviews - Elite Real Estate Coaching

Just wanted to give a shout-out and a review to my coach Jon Cheplak. He coaches some of the most elite teams on the planet as well as other entrepreneurs and leaders from a variety of walks of life.

I coach with Jon every Tuesday without fail and he really helps me focus on the things that matter. The relationships that matter. Obviously this is by design, because our entire campaign is #RelationshipsMatter so having a coach that recognizes that “the people” are far more important than anything else is going to be the right fit for my style and our goals.

So +1 for Mr Cheplak. He ain’t cheap, and he ain’t easy (to hire that is), but well worth the investment.


I had the opportunity to see Jon live at the REW Summit this past summer in Vegas. My license had just came through in B.C. and this was my first conference as a Realtor. How cool! Needless to say I was open to hearing and learning all Jon had to say. A big take away was his talk about consistency and how it equates to success. I took that and am applying it to my daily routine of calling my leads! It’s a seemingly small thing but Jon was right, it is helping develop some amazing habits!


I coached with Jon last year for a spell. You’re right, he ain’t cheap. But his teaching had a HUGE impact on how I recruit and he motivated me to double my team inside of 10 months.

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I loved Jon’s mindset on retention as well. I may be off on these quotes a tad but he said:

“How you say good bye to your agents is more important than how you say hello.”

Also: “You can’t make agents more productive, you can only supply the ecosystem of support and guidance and vision that inspires them to be productive and at their best.”