Lead Routing Rule Suggestion

I had a thought, would it be possible to add more Lead Routing rules? For example, have a new criteria field for Global Groups (and not solely MLS Criteria), make it a drop-down to see all Global Group options, and be able to select as few or as many as you want. Therefore specific Global Groups can be routed to a team lead, the super admin, etc. This would allow for leads that filled out specific forms to bypass Shark Tank, Auto-Assignment or Auto-Rotation settings.

A few of our customers have wanted the contact form to go to the Super Admin profile while having Shark Tank enabled.
Another customer wanted the Sellers Form leads to go to the Super Admin account while Shark Tank is enabled.

It’s a great thought (and suggestion!) Now you’re thinking like a product designer!

The challenge of course is the complexity of the request:

There are 2 advanced database-powered applications being discussed

1: The IDX
2: The CRM

And those databases are separate.

But such a thing is possible, and in fact @FernandoOrtiz was heading up an exploration on advanced routing rules and decision engine a while ago, so it is possible to do similar things.

We just need to balance the engineering investment / value as “compared to” other items that are also priorities to clients (such as dialer, transaction management etc) which are already scoped and in the queue.

Love the idea - let’s explore more here!