Leveraging PPC Ad Assets

Hi everyone,

I wanted to highlight one of our hot blog topics this week: PPC Assets, or previously known as ad extensions. It may seem like a tiny feature but they have a huge effect.

So, what exactly are ad assets? They provide your ads with additional information and functionality that grab users’ attention and encourage them to click. Assets also enable your ad to occupy more space on the search engine results page, making it more visible.

Some examples of ad assets include sitelinks, which allow you to add more links, call extensions, which enable users to call you directly from the ad, and callouts, which allow you to highlight key selling points. The PPC ad below illustrates how ads with sitelinks and callouts appear.

We’ve got more types of assets waiting for you to discover in our blog post. You can check them here.

Now, no matter how amazing assets are, remember to only select the assets that are relevant to your campaign. Quality over quantity!

I’d love to hear what you think about PPC assets. Share your thoughts below!