Link Juice & Number of Topics

Hello everyone! I recently came across some valuable SEO insights from Morgan’s video and an article by Matt Diggity. They both emphasized the importance of not creating too many pages, as it can diminish the value of each individual page. Matt Diggity specifically recommended linking only to the most crucial pages on the home page and using the “no follow” attribute for all other links.

Now, considering factors such as page structure importance, linking structures, link volume, and anchor text, I’m curious about the number of pages or blogs a website with a SEMrush DR of +10 or +20 would typically have.

Also, I analyzed our website’s data in Google Search Console (GSC) and found that our menu bar contains thousands of interlinks, whereas our target keyword page has approximately 50% fewer links compared to the other menu links. In this case, should I consider using the “no follow” attribute for the less important pages in the menu bar?