List of must have FUB features to ensure your workflows (Follow Up Boss Migrations)


WOW, so many FUB users booking meetings! (Exciting!)

What I didn’t realize though is just how many current REW users also use Follow Up Boss (hundreds).

I’ve been taking calls all week and will continue to personally do so (if you are a power FUB user and a REW user, let’s get on a call).

What Real Estate Webmasters is doing for FUB users:

For net new users (not with REW) - we have offered up to $5,000 in budget to have REW migrate your FUB system to REW. You can use this for programming (related to migration), data ingestion, training, or even have the CSMs log in and recreate your action plans, emails, etc. (We make it easy)

Existing customers already have access to free renewal credits (when they renew their sites) so you can use those credits for this as well. And don’t forget, we are offering a 50% referral fee of the $500 base platform for any user you refer to us (so refer us to 2 FUB users not on REW and your site becomes free!)

Taking calls (myself personally) - to review various customer workflows and document the most critical features they use and rely on daily to run their business.

Creating a FUB transition team and funding - I’ve initially allocated a $2M R & D budget (next 6 months) to focus solely on CRM enhancements needed to make REW CRM not just competitive to FUB (we already are competitive) but to build out those key features that are beloved by FUB users that REW currently doesn’t have (or needs to improve upon).

Organizing a town hall (Roadmap review) - I’m going to do a webinar on REW’s current roadmap with respect to CRM features and get feedback from our customers and potential customers (FUB users) on what features they would love to see developed and also give a preview of what is coming as well.

Creating a list of REW champions (current or past FUB users) - Just spoke to @andreREW today and he’s volunteered to be the first! The commitment? I’ll personally spend time with you over the next coming months making sure your transition is as smooth as possible, and you will have an even stronger voice/influence on our roadmap. In return, you help us convince as many FUB users as possible to migrate to REW CRM. Sound fair?

On that note, let’s start a list: What are the MOST important features you use daily in FUB (and how / why are they important?)

Some notes I’ve gathered already:

Smart lists: We understand how critical these are. The ability to create a custom set of queries and then save them so they are at the click of a button and update as leads meet the criteria. Both REW and FUB have these so this one is already available on day 1. There are small nuances between the two though so we want to make sure anything we don’t have, we can have.

Automation: Automatically assigning leads to action plans based on certain success criteria (like Pardot). We have some automations (like automatically assigning action plans based on the form filled out or automatically pausing action plans once an email replies to either a text or email) but we know this is something our customers want us to expand on.

Reporting (Graphs): Recently we launched “REW Insights” which is a new graphic feature in your dashboard. We know there are several other places in FUB where graphs exist, and we’re already adding more graphing to our system. We’d love to know which graphs you use and how / why

Zapier / lead sources: Automatically have leads brought in from various sources including Zapier, Zillow, etc. We already 100% support Zapier, and have outbound and inbound API’s, but what integraitons (lead sources) are most critical to have direct connections to?

Ponds: I know many folks love this feature. @Pozek has done some cool stuff with it and @staciestaub has been asking for this for a while as well. Let’s make sure we understand exactly how this works so we can make an even better feature.

Let’s keep it going! What else is critical for you in order to make the move?

Post your favourite 3+ features from FUB below!


The FUB UI is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. Plus, the tools the app offers are logical and useful (tagging other FUB users, etc). It streamlined our lead system so much!

@Morgan Morgan,

I’m grateful for your support and am eager to begin collaborating with the REW team. Your commitment to enhancing the CRM experience speaks volumes, and I’m entirely on board to contribute to elevating REW CRM to its peak performance. I’m delighted for Dan and the FUB team for the big cash-out date (well deserved for creating the remarkable product), but I don’t trust the buyer.

Per your request, my top three features (not necessarily in priority order) that I consider indispensable are:

  1. Leaderboard: It’s a powerful motivator. The ability to monitor and inspire agents through a points-based system that rewards every call, conversation, text, and appointment. Each activity has a different point reward.
  2. Smart Lists: Efficiency is key in our line of work. Smart Lists help streamline our daily tasks, ensuring we remain focused and practical without becoming overwhelmed with many tasks.
  3. Ponds: This feature is brilliant for managing lead distribution. By creating accessible lead pools for designated agents, we can optimize our collective efforts toward successful conversions.

We are looking forward to shaping the future of REW CRM together.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ve worked hard on our UI as well and I honestly feel (now that I’ve adopted it) it’s the best UI in the integrated CRM space. (I like it better than FUB) but agreed, the FUB UI is also very good.

The ability to tag collaborators is something that is starting to come together with the advent of REW Deals (launching this week) but it’s definitely something we could lean into and improve more. How do you use this feature and what benefits do you get from it?

Any other features than UI, Apps & Tagging you really love and use daily?

Love it! We already have a sortable agent dashboard/leaderboard. But what we don’t have is any kind of ranking or points system. You can of course sort it by anything (most calls, most deals, most whatever) but adding some points is a cool idea. We’ll look into that :slight_smile:

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I actually think our smartlists are superior to FUBS (more options and with custom views more configurability) but when we upgrade you once we go through it, if there is anything you love that they have that we don’t, all ears! (Seriously, have you seen my ears?) heh

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Not the first (won’t be the last) to call this out. I know specifically @Pozek and @staciestaub will be all over this as they have been looking for ways to enhance/improve shark tank. This will definitely go on the list to be enhanced. (It will have it’s own project / feedback thread)

What else ya got?

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Yes! Tagging other users generates an email, and with that email comes the accountability to respond to the leader, or ISA. It would be a great feature.

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The feature allows you to check if leads have opened your emails.
The ability to collaborate with team members (collaborators)
Dragging deal cards from left to right creates visual progress on production separated by listings, sales and rentals.

We kick off our weekly sale meeting, by honoring the agents leading our leaderboard, acknowledging their dedication across various metrics—from communication to appointments and relationship building. This sets the stage for our Lead Distribution Recognition Program.

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@Morgan thanks for asking about which features we use. We are a very small brokerage so we don’t even use a lot of the features more relevant to bigger teams. We are also a little different as nearly all our leads are from our sphere, not from online leads. We used to use REW for our lead system, but we saved a ton of time and efficiencies once we switched to FUB. It’s been a couple years since we used FUB so I’m not sure where the REW lead system currently sits.

Some of our favorite features:

  • Intuitive UI!
  • Reminders for specific leads tied to a specific team member (emails a reminder)
  • Setting appointments from FUB that email clients and agents
  • Tagging people - if one of us is in a lead, we often tag a fellow team member/agent to ask a question - “Have you followed up with him?” or “Should he be on a mailing list?”; it then emails that team member and the team member clicks on button in email body to get to that contact directly - streamlines the hole process
  • Normal term tag e.g. ‘mailing list - postcards’ or ‘buyer - X neighborhood’ or ‘add to mailing list if we get address’)
  • Contacts have spouses so they are tied but still somewhat separate - this is a fantastic feature!
  • Custom fields
  • Easy sync of Google contacts to FUB via Zapier
  • Office phone number that calls several people in our office; if lead is assigned to a specific agent it then just dials that agent
  • Ability to see anyone on our team’s email to a client in that client’s page (automatically syncs)
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@Morgan Thanks for sharing this. Been stewing on this one since they announced the acquisition.

You are correct, most of us don’t want to give our business to Zillow. The hard part(speaking for only myself and my business) is that FUB is such a deeply integral part of my business technology stack. I know you guys have been working extremely hard on REW CRM but, and no disrespect intended, it’s still short of what FUB offers me and my team. This is just the way that I feel currently and definitely could change based on continual use of the REW CRM. I wanted to add some things to this list as to better explain why I feel this way.

You mentioned in the original post automations, ponds, and reporting. I won’t touch on those too much because someone already mentioned them but automations based on certain types of actions(tags added/removed, properties searched, date functions for birthdays, anniversaries,etc) is a huge value add.

  1. Integrations:
    Zapier - the Zapier integration currently only has 2 triggers. I assume this is because the only exposed portion of the API for Zapier is the CRM data for the lead itself and not anything else. I could be wrong but with FUB we can trigger based on deals being created or changed, appointments being created or changed, and stages or tags being added/changed. I also use Zapier for many other things than other external lead sources. Todoist, Google Sheets/Google Drive, and Warm Welcome are a few.
    MailChimp - we utilize MailChimp for our newsletters and other forms of mass email since FUB limits mass email actions. They have a 2 way native integration with MailChimp that is extremely great. Other newsletter platforms can integrate based on Zapier and since they have more triggers it’s a bit more flexible with the data that gets sent from FUB to other mass mailers.

  2. Dialer/Text Support - the built in text function is one of our most heavily utilized tools. Most of my leads don’t have my personal cell and I prefer to keep it that way. Plus being able to add inboxes and keep communication segmented and tracked based on that specific phone number/inbox is awesome. It keeps all of the communication in FUB and adds a firewall to our business/personal balance. Adding the text module in REW costs $$. The FUB Dialer add on makes it like we have a separate office phone. Again, we can add the FUB dialer but again, it’s way more expensive and it doesn’t flow through the app(speaking of app, see next point). For me and my use case adding just the REW Dialer and texting module would cost just as much as my current licenses for FUB.

  3. Mobile App - the FUB mobile app is fantastic. It’s so much easier to navigate a native app than a mobile optimized site. The REW Leads app is also fantastic. I use both daily. Sad to hear the Leads app is going away. I’ve read the other post about the new changes to make the REW CRM more mobile friendly. Maybe it will be a great substitute but it’s hard to get the native device functionality using a web app.

There are a few other things that are great about FUB but those are my 3 to add to the list. You already know that FUB is a great product and in no way am I bashing the REW CRM because it is also great! The hardest part is that REW puts out phenomenal sites, great service and amazing PPC/SEO services and I feel like you’re always looking out for your customers best interests. With all that being said and as much as I don’t want to not pay Zillow a f***ing dime, I can’t jump ship yet.

@Morgan any updates yet?

Yes, we are well underway with many initiatives with respect to these suggestions:


A new tool for lead imports (similar to Mailchimp) that will allow import of FUB exported leads to REW.

Completely redesigned details page for mobile use that includes several requested features related to collaboration (team members, spouses, that sort of thing)

An engine “if this, then that” (FUB calls these “Automations”)

Graphing for specific tabs - extending REW Insights to the Leads, Deals, Agents and Sources tabs with enhanced functionality.

Ponds: Improving our shark tank functionality to work more like FUB ponds.

Leaderboard (Not a points-based system yet) but added several new features to Agents including graphic, goals, production, conversion etc that can be sorted and agents can be organized into groups. The points system is interesting though and still under consideration)

Appointments (in REW Deals)


Google Calendar Sync

Expanding API’s (adding deals to API’s, exploring additional expansion of triggers)

Basically a tonne of stuff coming soon. The next release is likely less than a month away and has goals, leads import, customized deal and source cards and several other items. Some of the things on the list so far are a few releases away.

Thanks Morgan, not sure why but I’m not getting emails or notifications when someone one responds to a thread that I’m watching. I’ll sort that out.

Looking forward to seeing the new release and future releases.

Can you explain the lead imports tool? I’m not sure how this would be similar to mailchimp as MC is a mass mailer.

@Morgan is there any tutorial on routing leads through Napier and into our CRM? is a big part of our business and having to manually enter each lead is a hassle.

Hi Robert,
as far as I know, there is no integration with Zapier, but apparently, you can get information about leads transferred by using the email notifications and Email Parser by Zapier. Here’s a link with instructions on how to set that up.

Holy Hanna! How did I not know this???

This solves ALL of the “leads from anywhere” challenges (Or at least it seems that it might).

Holy smokes!!! @Aayaam we need to look into this!

Nice! The timing couldn’t have been better! I will add it to our list of things to discuss in our next PO connect. Thanks for sharing!