Listing marketing report

Is there any way to get a report from the back end of the website showing how many times a particular listing has been viewed on the website? Ideally something that can be downloaded and sent to our seller to show the results of our marketing for their property on our site?

Right now we’re searching for this in multiple places

Unfortunately not for a specific listing no. It’s on the roadmap, but it is behind transaction management so will be a while.

We have lots of customers who have done it in several different ways (refer to it as a Brinkoetter report to your AM) if you wanted to explore what might be involved.

We totally get this request (and think it’s an important feature) so it is on the docket. It’s just behind some other features in R & D right now.

It used to be a feature on a previous backend that was incredibly helpful; not sure why it went away but I agree it should be prioritized.

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