Local Logic x Renaissance

Hi Folks!

About to launch a new Renaissance site, who’s using the Local Logic API to display demographic data? What’s the feedback from your users and how has it impacted page load time?

I don’t think it has launched in production yet (still beta) so the only site it is on that I know of is www.carlycarey.com - not too concerned about page speed at all on it, especially since it’s on the details page which is post registration and page speed is far less of a concern.

Is it out yet?

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Hi Tamara, yes, perfect timing, we just launched it. I will call you to discuss this in detail. Thanks!!!

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Yes! Your AM can provide more information and you can read all about it here.

What’s the cost of this? I love the idea.

Hey Brian, I think it’s $50 for agents / small teams, and brokers we need to quote based on users.

@AmyPye is that right?

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That is correct!

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So it’s simply a monthly fee without any custom work necessary? Nice! Love that!

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As long as you are on an updated Renaissance site, then yes. Feel free to reach out to your AM and they can put that request in for you