Making listings the center of their own universe (we need your input)

Hey all, this one is especially important for brokers, team leaders, and those that do a lot of listings.

As agent mode is almost complete, we are now moving onto discover for “listing mode” in the CRM which (as you can probably guess) puts listings at the center of the universe when it comes to the UI.

We’re using the brand-new REW CRM user interface which includes the custom view builder as well as smart lists, query engine etc. Here’s a visual.

I’m hoping to get feedback from brokers and agents on what it is they would love to see on their dashboard (from data we currently have) as well as what they would like to be able to query against in the database and create smart lists from.

Pinging some folks:

@livrealestate @staciestaub @TylerMarrin @spyglassrealty @ajhazzi @David @Aayaam @Rebecca

This is also the opportunity to give feedback on the listings manager (which is being enhanced in tandem)

Some things I want to see in there (for details input):

  • Listing date.
  • Expiry date.
  • Open house dates
  • Floorplans (separate multi-image upload)
  • Room descriptions (this is a unique feature I want to develop for augmenting details pages with unique content, each room can have commentary)

What else? Does anyone have ideas for what would make the listing input form better AND once added, how they would like to query their listing information?

Oh yeah, we definitely need to be able to log offers (this would be a new feature, probably tied to the TM piece)


First new idea! We need some click actions:

So for example: Clicking on photo could open up a photo editor where you would see all the photos that are uploaded, could change their order, add alt tags, remove them or add more.

This would be in a modal so that you don’t have to leave the maim UI

Next idea:

Listings completeness / quality score:

Things like “at least 10 photos” +1
At least 10 property features +1
Virtual tour + 1
Floor plans +1
At least 500 char description +1
Linked Video +1

That way we can encourage our agents to do more than just the bare minimum (required fields) for their listings and help them stand out.

Another idea (on the query side) to be able to use the query engine to search those above items "has between x-y photos, at least x photos, less than y photos) < and for each important element. This way managers, admins etc can find listings that need attention.

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