Manually logging texts in REW CRM (no texting module)

@Aayaam working on some action plans with @ajhazzi and it would be really great if we could accelerate the feature of manually logging texts (same as logging calls) in the REW CRM

Right now, you can only log a text if sent from the texting module (which is a great feature, and really awesome if you have the texting module) but not every agent has it (or they prefer to send from their own phone # vs a Twilio number), As admins, we will want to have them logging their texts.

So basically in here: I’d want texts to automatically show up as logged (if sent via the texting module) or have a button to add texts manually

Maybe @Phil can mock something up for us quickly using existing styles.

This should also be available for calls, right now you have to go to lead details to log a call

But I would also want to be able to execute that same modal from here: (which exists in several places)

Please capture this for our next CRM session
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Morgan, Thanks for reiterating the priority of this feature. I have captured this for our this week’s CRM Roadmap session!

Also another quick note (nothing to do with quick notes) it would be great if you could “reply” to a text that was replied to in the texting modal (right now you have to send a new text)

Also, since I’m here, the reply order doesn’t seem to reorder the initials as it does on Gmail - a couple fo quick wins here to make this even better!

Btw, is there a reason for the 160 Char limit? Is that a Twillio thing?

Yes, absolutely! Agree - it makes sense to have consistency across our emailing and texting modules.

Re 160 Char limit for a single SMS message, it used to be a thing until recently. However, most modern phones and networks now support concatenation; i.e. the long messages are split and sent individually, then they are rebuilt by the recipient’s device.

Today, the majority of devices and networks can support segmentation and rebuilding up to 1600 characters so you are right, we can do away with this forced best practice.

Great feedback. Thanks for sharing - Noted and Queued for our review!

Would love to get rid of that char limit if we can. Let’s chat about it tomorrow!

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