Mass Email Set Up

Hello can I get some advice as to what email server tool you use? We have been trying to get Mandrill to work and its been nothing but a nightmare. We set it up as requested and all alerts stopped coming to my inbox. Neither Mandril or REW support can help me arrive at a solution. Is there a better set up for this? Thank you. Stuart Neal

Is there any reason you used mandrill vs REW’s sendgrid sender?

The only thing we’re lacking is just email metrics on what is being sent, opens, clicks, etc…

Anything over 1000 records and you will need to upgrade to your own subscription. The email metrics are extremely helpful by the way…

You may be able to get these if you upgrade to your own SendGRid IP (which you should have anyways if you don’t already). Also (in the new CRM upgrade) this is one of the already approved wish list items, so you’ll definitely want to get in on the new CRM thread I’m posting in a few mins (I’ll tag you).

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