May Release Features (Version 24.5)

The Product Delivery Team has been working hard behind the scenes, fixing bugs and improving the CRM, to make sure you get the best Renaissance and CRM experience. We have just finished a exciting new release for Renaissance CRM users in May. Check out our latest blog post to read more about our exciting updates.

Below is a guide to the new or improved features that will be available to Clients that have the latest install of Renaissance (version 24.5).

Compensation Tool

For your own listings only you can now add offers of compensation to buyers brokers or buyers representatives. These offers are available on the listings details pages (available to be viewed by agents and the general public).

To set up the compensation field, as an admin got to Settings>IDX>Compensation. Here you will be able to add the compensation field that will appear in your listings.

Make sure to add only the offices you are a part of, as you should only be adding this information on your own Listings.

Once a compensation field is set up in the IDX settings, the compensation tab will appear in Listings. This is where you can add the compensation field to the chosen listings and enter in the compensation number or percentage.

For more information on this compensation tool please refer to the forum post explaining how to correctly use this tool. For more information on this tool check out the video guide.

Line Graph in Agent View

We have now added an additional line graph into the Agent view. You can use this graph to see how Agents engage with Leads over time.

New graph totals:

  • New Leads = number of new leads that are assigned to you.
  • Calls = number of calls made to assigned leads.
  • Emails = number of emails sent (and received) to assigned leads.
  • Texts = number of texts made to assigned leads.
  • Deals = number of deals created.
  • Dialer Calls = number of dialer calls made to leads.
  • Recommended Listings = number of listings recommended to Leads.
  • Logins = Counts the automatic and manual logins of the Agent.
  • Quick Notes = the quick notes that are created for leads.
  • Lead Calls = number of logged calls made to leads.
  • Notes = number of notes created for leads.
  • Appointments = This is calculated on the Leads deals and if the Appointment cards have been filled, this is when the appointment occurs.
  • Appointments set = This checked the appointment date to see if the appointment has been set.

Here is a video on Line Graphs to explain the ways you can use it Line Graphs in Agent View


Pools are a new feature that allows another way to categorize and organize leads. With unassigned leads you are able to add them to a pool. Then agents who are looking to work new leads can access the pool and select the leads to take them from the pool to assign to themselves. Here is a user guide video to explain pools further. Lead Pools

To create a new pool got to My Setup in the Leads view and select the ‘+ New Pool’ button. You will then be able to add a name, description, color label and add the Agents that can access this pool to claim leads.

You are able to create as many pools as you like, agents can be added to some or all the pools.

In the Lead view you are now able to see leads that have been assigned to pools. Pools is now a column that you can add in view mode. As an Agent you can search by the pool you wish to see and claim any leads in this pool. To claim a lead select the chosen lead to go to the details page and there will now be an option to claim. Once you have claimed the lead, that lead is now assigned to you.

We have added new filters and columns to the lead view in order for the Agent to view the Leads that have been sent to the pool(s).


  • Lead Pools - option to filter what Lead Pool you want to see.
  • Has Lead Pool - show all Leads that have been added to a pool.You won’t need to specify what pools it’ll show all Leads.

Please note if you are an Agent viewing these Pool Leads, you will not be able to perform mass actions in the Lead View screen. This is because the Agent will need to click and claim the Lead to assign the leads to themselves.

Ability to bulk delete CMS pages, snippets and blog posts

We now have the option to bulk delete CMS pages, snippets and blog posts in the CMS. Using the checkbox functionality you are able to select the multiple pages you want to delete.To access this feature go to the Content area of the CRM and select Pages, Snippets or Blog Posts. You will now see a checkbox next to any available page,snippet or blog post.

Once you’ve selected what you want deleted, scroll up to the top of the page and select the delete icon. Before the delete is completed a browser notification will appear to make sure you are happy to delete these pages, snippets or blog posts. When you click ok, the selected pages are deleted.

File Uploads in Deals

We have now added the ability to link file uploads to deals. In every stage of the deal there is a file upload option. You can select the upload option and paste the upload link. When you select the link a new tab opens showing you the file. To access this new feature open a new or existing deal. Scroll down to the bottom of the deal and select ‘add new file’, then the option to add the filename and add a URL file link will be available.

You are able to link as many file URLs as you wish. In the new file upload you can see when the link file was created and updated. By selecting the edit button you can edit the file name, url or delete the file link entirely. There is also an option to sort these files by; newest first, oldest first, alphabetical and most recently updated.

This is a great option to link important deal documents to a deal in the REW CRM.

Updates to Deals Totals

We have added a new field in the buy deal type called budget, this field can be added

We have made some changes to the totals cards in the deals screen, this is to show the sales value of upcoming deals that are in the pipeline.

  • Budget, Total Commission, and Commission Split fields are shown in every stage of a buy deal. This is to make these fields really visible and encourage users to.

  • Property price, total commission, and commission split fields on all stages of sell-type deals. This is to make these fields really visible in every deal stage.

The Pipeline total card will now show the totals of the budget and property prices field. This is to accurately show all the sales volume for upcoming deals. To see what deals are in the pipeline. Once those deals have closed and have an outcome of won or lost those the pipeline total card gets updated to remove those totals and if the deal is won the Sales Volume card gets updated.

Big thanks to our REW team :star: :star2: :star: @MattPinneo, @REW.Michael, @Phil, @Richard, @FernandoOrtiz, @Alex and @Mojolagbe for all their hard work on this release. The team has worked hard to improve the CRM and make sure it’s bug free for everyone.

We are here to support you during this transition and if you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you for sharing your incredible ideas and thoughts here!!! Stay tuned to find out more about our upcoming features and videos! You can also connect with your Account Manager or Project Manager for updates.


A lot of exciting new features this month! I’d like to invite everyone to join us at REW Summit in Nashville on June 20-21 to get a sneak peak of our upcoming releases. One of our agenda is an R&D Roadmap session, where Morgan and @REW.Michael will delve into future developments.

You can check out the Summit agenda and register here. Looking forward to it!

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