Mckinsey article on AI - one of the best descriptions of current AI

For those wanting a deeper explanation into AI and what things like “generative” AI means, this article (from Mckinsey) is an excellent primer.

It covers a lot of what current AI is and how it’s different from machine learning (or how it’s not) and is really well written.

Check it out - let’s discuss below! :point_down:t2:

Some great explanations there.

An interesting detail for me to remember is that this technology is not that new. As Gary Kasparov says, many things which seem like big innovations are actually the result of many accumulated optimizations.

From predictive text to DeepDream, all the pieces have been around for years, and we’ve seen the effects of big data and machine learning on real estate marketing as well.

The next question is: OK, so what’s actually new?

I have a few ideas…but maybe someone can chime in :relaxed: