Merge duplicate leads?

Sometimes we get a lead that signs up with a wrong email address, or an old one, and then re-registers again. Is there a way to merge leads together to retain the history of the one needing to be deleted? If not this would be amazing to eventually add as most other CRMs allow a merge functionality.

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It would be a great feature @Rebecca do we have this on the request list?

One thing though about duplicate leads, many brokerages have agents who “each” have a copy of the same person (more than one Realtor can know the same person) that person doesn’t always want their records merged (and certainly those realtors don’t) so if you’re a brokerage that only allows 1 record on the system per email or your a team that shares info, it’s a good feature, but if not, it really should be an admin only thing and used with caution)

Yup definitely a use with caution – we’re finding duplicates after some agents have left the team that they added with like “” because the email was in the system already; or the client signed up with a misspelled email and re-signed up with their correct one later :sweat_smile:

Thanks Garrett and Morgan I’ll add this to the backlog!