Multiple Referring Select For Advanced Criteria

Was just trying to do a search for multiple referrers at the same time, in this case “Google PPC and Google”

I think @REW.Michael correct me if I’m wrong that you can only do one at a time? If that is the case, I’d like to change this to a multi-select @Aayaam similar to how we do city select (other attached image)

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 7.49.28 AM

It would also be cool if the referrers were in a list format (like the cities in the IDX control) so you don’t have to guess what referrers names are:

Kind of like this

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Good call @Morgan! Currently it is only one at a time, however think allowing multiples would be great improvement - especially like the idea of having it show what the available options are (vs guessing).

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What would the criteria be to create a Smart List that collects submissions from the #form-approve# snipet?

I have one that uses Google PPC, which is great for attributing the original source of the lead, but I’d like to further segment that list in a list where user has completed a form requesting direct contact.

So there would be an additional list of visitors/requests who have requested contact - regardless of registration status.


Hello Steve,

You would not be able to create a “smart list” based on what form was submitted as that is not one of the filters in the filters bar. Smart lists are basically “saved searches” from the filter bar, so you can only construct them out of options on that bar.

Perfect. Thanks! I created a list that shows all activity which gives me what I need. The export tool was also helpful to get the additional field info.