Nested folders and tables for Intranet

Would love to see the ability to create nested folders for the Intranet menu side bar to be able to ‘group’ together intranet sections.

Also the ability to build tables directly into the pages (thankfully my wife knows HTML and has been able to craft some goodness for us on our pages the manual way).

Hey Garrett, welcome back to the forums! Thank you for these suggestions (pinging @Rebecca)

With respect to the side nav - are you referring to “sub pages” or main pages?

For Tables, you can actually do that in CMS (content pages) so no reason we should not be able to integrate that into the CMS for Intranet:

Q: Have you tried to right-click in the WYSIWYG in the Intranet? On “content pages” you actually get a table menu


Actually, I just tested - you “can” already create tables :slight_smile:

Just right-click in the WYSIWYG - drag and drop to expand the size of your tables.

As for “sub pages” in the nav for Intranet, request captured - will add for future consideration/backlog - great suggestion. Thank you

The main pages side-navigation; here’s our current setup, but it would be nice to be able to group together under ‘folders’ or even add basic dividers to break up the sections of the intranet. (My wife and I come from a background of developing and using Sharepoint for reference.)

She also didn’t realize the right click for tables as sometimes the right click doesn’t appear (Safari browser, but on a Mac developer beta right now). Have passed this along to her!