New Agency Designs - would love your feedback on mockups

Some of you know, some of you don’t, but REW has been working behind the scenes on a new marketing center software for the past 6 months. It will be released likely some time in Q2 of 2020

As we finish our software, our design agency are also working on the equally important task of creating brand new, unique high end branding packages for use by our customers.

The first 3 mockups are below: Would love your thoughts on them. Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


They look great. Do you know how they’ll be integrated into the backend etc?

This is actually a completely new and unique software so technically (at first) sure yet. However phase 2 would be to be able to “push” Roster data (for business cards etc) as well as listings data (for flyers and other materials) directly into the software via REW Nexus

Is this still in the works?

It sure is! In fact the software is nearly complete. We’re looking to launch it officially in 2021, but I can login and create print pieces from it now. Still lots of testing, need to build out user guides, marketing materials etc.

Here is a sneak peak :slight_smile:

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This all looks great. Is “REW Agency” different than this?

Great question:

REW Agency: This is our group of designers that do traditional agency work. Logo’s, branding, colours, style guides, print design, social media graphics, the full range of “Agency” services.

What I was just showing you “Marketing Center” is our new “software” that we have created to allow for companies, teams and agents to create their own materials out of the custom work of the Agency.

So for example, you would have the agency custom design a flyer for you for listings. Once you have that template, we load it into the software and you can access it at any time, swap out all the info, download at home printable versions, or versions ready for professional printing etc.