New Blogazine concept! I thought I invented it, turns out I didn't - but still cool!

So I was having a meeting with @AmyPye the other day around creative direction related to photos.

We were reviewing a few folks we thought did a great job in terms of look / aesthetic etc and she brought to my attention a designer from Waco Texas who also happened to be in a Magazine.

Here’s the inspo example:

And I thought, wow she has her own magazine! That must be a lot of work!

But then I thought to myself - I love this! (maybe inspired by the fact that REW was just once again feated on the cover of Real Estate Magazine for REW CRM)

Here’s the thing…

I don’t want to publish a magazine, that is WAY too much to take on right now.

However! It doesn’t mean we couldn’t still get this same impact on social etc, and make it “look” like we have a magazine when really, it’s just a fancy CTA for our blogs.

And so I thought to myself, let’s do a “blogazine” - you know a Magazine, but really it’s just links to your blog articles? Way easier to manage, and it’s green friendly

Of course, I thought that was a very clever little play on words, then I googled it. Turns out, as with many things these days, it’s already be coined!

Ah well - I still love it!

So that’s what we’re going to do - Carly is going to have a Blogazine!

The next part was easy - (I have a GREAT muse in @Carly and of course, my partner in all things design crime @AmyPye always “gets me” and knocks it out of the park)

Only thing that was left was a title: Didn’t take long for me to think about what my wife and team leader would say when she was happiest (or talking about things that make her happy that she would want to share) - she would say “Hey friend x, I’m just over here living my best life”

That’s it! Now all we have to do is start publishing!

Moms day?


What do you think of the idea? What topics would you cover? How often would you publish? (I’m biweekly)

Would love your thoughts. Thanks as always Amy for making my life easy, and helping me bring my crazy marketing ideas to life!


I can’t stop. haha. It helps that Carly has so many amazing photos.

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