New building search (MLS for buildings) need amenities feedback on search options

Hello all, getting excited to release the alpha version of REW’s new “building search” (well technically not REW’s yet, I’m building it for but the plan/goal is to productize it for everyone to be able to use).

Here’s where we’re at! It works! (I’m likely going to launch it next week) but the amount of data that is available per building is limited.

We have things like building attributes:

But we need a lot more:

To get the thoughts going, here are a few options I’ve seen or thought about that we can add:

Maintenance costs: Show on details page, and make it a search option (between min and max)
Has storage / locker - Yes / No
Storage locker size (this is REALLY specific, but I’m considering it)
Exposure: N, S, NW etc
Amenities: Has Gym / Pool etc, and again, (probably phase 3) imagine providing actual details on the gym or the pool on the details page? Could be huge! (Would not be a required field and would only show if entered)
24/7 Door Person?
Building type (high rise, low rise etc)

Those are some starter ideas.

What do you think? Please use this thread for suggestions so we can stay organized as we build this out.


Parking - # of spaces included, private?, covered?, secured?

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Hi! Totally my jam! Laundry (shared vs insuite), type (ie corner unit, penthouse, main floor), balcony, sspatio, rooftop deck, rainscreen (west coast) and or exterior finish, construction: concrete, wood frame (in addition to high / low rise), number of units in development, maintenance fee includes (heat, garbage, water, gas etc.), complex/subdivision name, contingency fund amount… :slight_smile:

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Love the idea and the suggestions that are coming through!

Search by school catchment, walk score, skytrain/subway proximity?

Number of elevators? I’ve lived in a building with one and in a building with two and it makes a big difference!

Been playing with it (live) for a while now with some basic functionality and need to start prioritizing:

For this week:

#1: Active and sold listings on details pages (self-explanatory) but with registration required for sales.

#2: Price ranges: This is a manual set of fields where you set a minimum and maximum price “for the building(s)” - it would be searchable in the building IDX (in which case it would show buildings that typically have units in those price ranges)

#3: HOA / Strata fee range (same as price ranges) searchable based on min / max strata fees.

Add Price sorting high / low and HOA high / low to the sorting option of the search.

And of course these ranges etc need to go on the details pages as well.

Parking included y/n and range of spaces (min / max) would be great options for next update as well

It’s funny, I was going to do a big launch with Lakeview Terrace since @JaydaMcLauchlin the newest member on our team just got her first listing there and I wanted to get it some exposure, but she went and sold it yesterday! (That’s 4 deals in one month for her, second month on the team btw) - Nice work Jayda!

@Morgan - What do you think of the updated Sold Listings section for Buildings?

I love it!