NEW! Campaign Automation Based Off Forms in REW CRM

One of the first things I would do as an admin of a #renaissance site would be to set up form-to-campaign automation.

This is an awesome new feature that allows you to create custom campaigns and then assign them based on the entry point (lead form) that the consumer entered in.

This could be:

*The IDX Registration
*Seller Form
*Property Inquiry
*Contact form

Basically, any standard form that comes with your Renaissance site.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create your campaign

When you’re doing this, you choose “groups” with the word form in them. Example “Buyer form”

You can have a campaign automatically triggered from one of your forms, some of your forms or all of your forms.

Next, you set up your campaign itself.

Campaigns are email based, and you have the choice of 3 options for each email “Drip” “Custom Events” or “Specific Dates”

Drip is simply x days into the campaign (on day 1) (on day 5) etc

Custom events is a really cool feature of REW CRM where you can create your own custom fields (such as home purchase date, customers birthday or whatever) and then the campaign will dynamically send on that specific day

And finally, we also have “specific date” this is New Years, Christmas or any other specific date that does not change from person to person.

You can custom write each email from scratch, or you can use from our many form letters as a starting point. (Pro tip, you can also custom create your own “form letters” so you aren’t writing the same “intro email” from scratch for every campaign.

That’s automated campaigns in a nutshell.

Happy hunting!