New Charts in CRM Dashboard - starting to look cool!

This is a really exciting CRM update for me as I love visuals and the dashboard has needed adjustable charts for a while:

Question: What are the most important dimensions for you on the dashboard? (A dimension is something like “returning leads” “number of calls” etc.

What do you want to be able to graph? What should the default be?

FYI, the goal is expandable/collapsable charts in each section /leads/ /agents/ etc each one would have different metrics

For example, the agent’s section would have elements like “agent logins” etc


Nice colour palette!

Super helpful for this to be built in.

New leads in X period; ability to compare to another period.
New leads by lead source with ability to compare periods.
New leads by type - IDX, request appointment, contact form, home value
Group member quantity over time would be helpful, something we do manually currently

One of my biggest struggles is determining how many leads our agents are receiving directly. A chart that could show company leads (leads direct to parent account) vs leads the agents are receiving directly would be particularly valuable.

For something like returning leads, is it possible from this chart to then click into who the returning leads are? I realize there are other ways to pull that up in the CRM, but would be helpful here. Really for any categories, new lead etc to click in to the respective contacts for spot analysis.

Appreciating all the continuous feature rollouts.

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