New CRM Feature "Agents" - Need feedback from team leaders, brokers and admins

Alright folks, you’ve probably already seen a few blasts that a new version of REW CRM is coming out later this summer / early fall. It’s VERY exciting (has new custom query builder, power mode etc), I’ll post about that in another thread.

But another piece I’m working on which is targeted for fall is a complete rebuild of the company/agents section. (And I could use YOUR help!)

Here is the current agent section (super boring, not helpful, no insights etc)

And HERE is the new agent section: (adopted the new power mode format, uses custom query builder, has it’s only agent-based smart lists etc)

Rows and views can be customized, and you can use our powerful query builder to really drill down into things like how many calls, texts, emails etc are being sent on a per-agent basis.

It will be a phased approach where we include in Phase 1, things we already have tracked in the system but not presented well (when they last logged in, how many calls, response times etc) then phase 2 will be more complex queries like “% of responses by text, % of emails all that sort of stuff”

What I need from my admins, team leaders and brokers is a list. What do YOU want to be able to add to these columns to make this reporting/query feature as beneficial as possible?

Let’s hear those ideas!

Closing rate / %?
Time to first contact?
Acceptance / Rejection %
A scoring system for engagement based on adoption engine factors?

What are you looking for?

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@TylerMarrin love it, the more information we’re able to see the better. Great way to see who’s doing what and a great way to track (if exportable) the numbers on a per month basis.

Will come back to think of ideas to include.

Export button, I think we have that, but if we don’t, we need to add it! (Good call, I love my spreadsheets)

I think this looks great! When you click the agent’s name, if you’re the admin, you should go right into the edit mode. Right now you go to a screen that shows some basic info that’s not useful at all. If I’m in there, I’m most likely editing their info or changing permissions so it may as well go straight to the edit page.

This is awesome.

It would be helpful to see very basic stats, as we push for adoption and need to push the baby steps before we build power users. Examples:

Last login (ability to sort or export by last login?)
Contacts on campaigns
Contacts on saved searches

I would love to see a way from admin level to set up an admin campaign that references last login and says hey looks like you haven’t been using your CRM this month, don’t forget it can do XYZ, reply to setup a 1 on 1 training if you need help. Or similarly with contacts on campaigns; if they have less than 30% of their contacts on campaigns, an email saying it looks like you have opportunity with your database, you have XYZ drips, go send them some items of value.

Glad to see the innovation on reporting.


Nice one! @Aayaam grab this, easy win :slight_smile:

Great suggestions! Last Login is most definitely going to be one of our fields and so you should be able to filter by those who have “not” logged in within the last x (day, week, range etc) and then you could select all and email. Ideally we’ll have form letters available that can send to agents (not just leads) so that you could select “haven’t been in for a while? You should log in” (or whatever).

Future state: It would be great to have some automation around this using campaigns or action plans, we just have to figure out dynamic triggers for bringing them in or out (maybe on smartlists) @Aayaam let’s chat with team on conditional campaigns based on “smart lists” - meaning setting things like “if in this smart list at time of sending, then send” - that way, agents would be in or out based on activity tracking and other fields.

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Great work, guys! Thank you.

  • It would be awesome to list agents based on efficiency instead of alphabetical order. I would love to see the agent with the highest performance at the top of the chart. Perhaps we can develop a scoring system based on speed, contact, appointments and closing ratio.
  • It would be helpful to color code the relationship between total leads and calls, notes and emails. Red for negative, blue for acceptable and green for optimal.
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Awesome feedback Andre! We already do colour code score, and we are contemplating a similar type score for agents, so we’re thinking the same way (though we use yellow for acceptable) :smiley:

As for Alphabetical order - are you talking about on the “Front end” of the website? Or are you talking about in the backend / CRM?

In the CRM with this new feature, the columns are sortable (the same way leads columns are) so you can sort by most calls, highest score, etc and you can save it as a smart list / view the same way you do in the new CRM.

Hey Morgan,
Yes, I’m taking color code agents to identify those underperforming quickly.
As for alphabetical order, I was referring to the backend / CRM.
It will be great to have the top-performing agent at the very top as a default view. :slight_smile:
Thanks Morgan

Do you use “smartlists” right now for leads? There will be “smartlists” (and views) for agents as well, and so you will be able to define the sort order in the smartlists similar to how it’s done on leads.

Hey Morgan. I do use smartlists with my current CRM, but not with REW CRM. I can’t wait for the release and implementation. Cheers

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