New Deals Beta for REW


Thanks for adding Deals to the NEW site. I just upgraded to the new site, and I was hoping to have the following added:

  • Buyer, Seller, Renters, Owners (We call landlords Owners) in the drop-down. Or just the ability to edit this so people can put in what their business acts like, not hard coded.

  • I would like the agents to see their personal pipelines in real-time and YTD BUT as a broker/owner. I want a roll-up dashboard for all buyer/seller and renter/owner deals.

  • Also, as an owner, we don’t need the agents to see the broker’s commission. If you have any feedback on this, I’m happy to help via a phone call. Joe Grunnet

I agree here 100% on “As an owner I don’t want agents to see the Broker’s commission”. I don’t like that feature either!!!


Thanks for the feedback Joe, I’ll add this to our list of improvements. With adding a renter/owner deal could you take me through the stages and fields you would need in our CRM to add them correctly?

I’ll make sure to get the team looking into a way for Brokers to hide commissions if they choose.

We have a new feature in our next release to introduce the ability to customize the cards in our deals and sources view. So that might be a good way to customize the dashboards to show the deals you want to see.

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“Supress x cards” - interesting idea. (Admin feature only) totally something we can look into. (Will take a bit as we have a solid roadmap the next few months) but it’s a great idea.

On the owner / roll up - you can already do that. And we have some really awesome graphs coming as well (next 90 days kind of thing).

To do a roll up, just create a smart list that has all agents / all deals (or whatever subset you want) and then the cards and graphs will reflect the totals.

Note agents can only ever see their own stats.

Here is an example of what graphs will look like: