New enhanced filtering & query engine!

If you’re upgrading to the new REW CRM, one of the things you’re going to love the most is the new filters and query engine.

We have COMPLETELY overhauled this feature to provide far more flexibility, powerful configuration and several new query type options. (You can also created multiple of the same query with different parameters if you want to get REALLY slick)

Check it out:

First, sorting… .you have a LOT of sorting options. So when you do create a smart list or filter, you can automatically sort in a bazillion different ways.

Next, check out ALL THESE OPTIONS!!! (And more are coming)

and these

And… these!


And… Ever these! (ok that’s what we have so far)

There are also a bunch of query “types” for various use cases.

Like this one (multi-select)

Or this one (date based with custom ranges)

We have type in options

And you can even create more than one of a specific element using both positives and negatives (check this out, I want Nanaimo in my keywords but not rentals, so I create 2 keyword based options one positive, one negative)

Some slick stuff going on over here in the new REW CRM :slight_smile:

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