New field request for REW CRM - professional title

Hey @Rebecca / @Aayaam

Just working on my leads this morning, and I realized we don’t have “professional title”, example if a client is "Sr. Media & Communications Strategist " < that was the exact example.

I know I can create it as a custom field, but I’d rather it was a standard field.

Please add to the requests for new fields - any questions let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks Morgan, have added it to the list!

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@Rebecca do we also have “company” in the list of items to add? (where they work / what company they belong to?)

If no, let’s add that too.

And “account” (used for property management / REW and others)

The account is basically the name of an account a contact might belong to.

So if you managed an apartment building and you had the owner in your CRM, they might also have a billing person or marketing person what have you. They would both be tagged with that “account” (treat it the same as groups or tags)

Note “Company” and “Account” are both the same pattern as groups or tags, but they are not the same thing. You can belong to “RE/MAX” as a company, but your “account” might be called “RE/MAX Property Managers”


Hi Morgan, yes we have Company ready to go in out next release! I will also add Account to the list as well. Thanks :slight_smile: