New Google AI in search - what does it mean for real estate?

In case you missed it! Google revealed their new AI in search capabilities today

It looks quite cool! BUT…

It’s also going to completely change the SEO game.

We’re talking “from scratch” in a lot of cases.

Now there is a lot of talk about them not messing “as much” with YMYL (Your Money Your Life) keywords such as prescriptions and health (for liability) so I’m curious what they will do with Real Estate since it is so heavily regulated and also has so many special ad categories, fair housing, ADA and other rules to deal with.

What do you think? Will real estate SERPS be effected right away? Or will they stick to more educational and shopping-related terms for now?

Either way - it’s time to read up (and watch the video) this game is going to CHANGE!!

Now, more than ever, it is going to be more important to create content to answer people’s questions about your product, area, communities, and market insights, to position yourself as one of the articles and recommended articles Google Search recommends. Now the big question here is, can I create all those contents using AI or a human copywriter? Will there be a difference? it is really exciting but also a game-changer!

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As long as it’s the best content (in terms of quality, organization, thoroughness, accuracy etc) Google has said AI is fine.

We go with human-assisted (edited) AI to kick it up a notch!

Clearly Google is fine with AI answering questions and producing content (Since that is what they are doing too!)

I had read some preliminary stuff recently about Google’s move to a more “modern” interface and was wondering how much they were going to be inspired by the touch-based and tile interfaces of YouTube or Instagram.

As for how this affects real estate, it’s an interesting question because real estate related questions are a hybrid in many ways.

As you say - some fall under YMYL and are heavily regulated.

But so many other real estate questions fall under Google’s concept of NORA (no one right answer), and so have that characteristic of being complex and multi-faceted, which are the types of searches they say AI is suited to helping with.

Questions like, “when is the right time to sell” or “should I buy a new-build or resale” or “which neighborhood is best” all seem to have that feature of being subject to many different concerns and considerations.