New mockups for market snapshot email and signup - need feedback

Would love to have your feedback on the design progress on market snapshot product. Here are some designs so far.

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These are great Morgan!
Nice and clean and easy to read. Can’t wait to implement this!

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This looks great! It would be a huge benefit to our marketing efforts for our sphere and past clients. Would we be able to pull sold listings with this feature?

Agreed with everyone else. These are great!

Great to see this progressing. Love the look and feel.


  1. Where is the photo below “Your Property” populating from? Are we able to use a google map satellite view?

  2. We need to make sure that there are links to the Active, Pending, and Sold properties. Ideally I would like to see a link for the last 6 months of sold homes since these are typically the most relevant.

  3. Would like to make sure that this is set up by using an idx search. We are able to really make the report relevant when we are able to customize the search parameters.

I would take the yearly updates off of the choices. Yearly is going to be way to infrequent. We have found that monthly has been our sweet spot with very little unsubscribes.

1: We’ll have to figure out TOS on Google maps etc, ideally we are working with sold data and there is a historical photo available, but if we aren’t either a Google map is an idea (TOS permitting) or we could potentially even allow them to upload their own photo. @Aayaam be sure to capture this!

2: Again would be data permitting (not all feeds have pending and sold, and not all customers pay for those feeds) but if possible, agree! (Future phase 2 version could even allow them to set the 6 months, 12 months, 2 years etc - (especially in areas where there are fewer sales you have to go back further) but 6 months is a great default.

3: Can you explain in more detail on this one?




@Jeff was referencing… are Agents able to populate this report, manually, based on an IDX saved search by subdivision name?

Currently, we set up all potential customers considering selling, previous customers, and our SOI, on a subdivision based saved search monthly, including active / pending / sold status. (All of the above types of customers are already on our website, prior to initiating the monthly search)

In our market, sending data based on a zip code, or a radius around an address, can populate much less relevant data for our customers.

Ah IC - well generally this is setup based on a “specific address” by the “Consumer” (it’s a consumer facing too) but we should definitely explore use cases where the Realtor can setup a report (a drip similar to saved search) on the CRM side.

Let’s explore all use cases in detail.

So I’m a lead interested in a market report on a specific neighborhood (or zip) but not on a specific home, what would you want to set up for me?

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Is this case, we are referencing a “lead” in which is a customer who has already registered on the website.

If a buyer… we set a saved search Daily, based on (typically) zip codes, preferred price range, and (sometimes) minimum number of bedrooms+

If a potential Seller, who has registered on our site… after sharing a conversation, we set a saved search Monthly, based on the subdivision name, zip code, & active/pending/sold status. This search is titled “Market Activity in Subdivision Name”

If a customer has registered on the website and is entering the marketplace, needing to Sell & Buy, we set up both the saved search daily for their potential purchase - and a Monthly “Market Activity” saved search.

YEARS ago, we used to use a third party “market report” service. Once we moved to REW, we knew we absolutely wanted to keep the customers on our site, rather than sending any customer to any other platform. Our workaround for a “market report”, was to capitalize on the fact that we have pending and sold data available in our IDX feed, AND we have the best website, which the customer is already accustomed to using.

I really like the look of these reports! Great Job, I am excited to provide these to our clients.

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Hey Brian, great to see you on the forums! Glad you like the mockups, looking forward to building this one.

Be sure to pop into the main chat and introduce yourself, let the members where you work and what you’re looking to get out of your interactions here on the community.

Going to be a great 2020!

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Is there an ETA on this?

We’re targeting Q2 for Alpha. Will probably debut around the same time as 2020’s next design.

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I like a lot of this and we’d love to have our clients/leads use theses! Perhaps on the sign up page add a link so user’s can see an example of what they’d be receiving? I think if they saw what it would look like, they would be more likely to sign up. As is, I’m not sure people would see the benefit of signing up, but perhaps there is a screen before they get to the sign up page that exemplifies this.

Also, is there a way for us to sign up a lead for these in the backend?

I know a lot of people hate it but I love getting cell numbers. I am looking for quality leads… not quantity.

Who hates getting cell numbers?