New Real Estate SEO's getting started on Global MLS


Had a great meeting with the real estate SEO team yesterday and got to meet two brand-new team members!

Wes and Marcello (pronounced Wes and Mar-Chell-Oh)

We discussed many things, but most importantly pillar page creation, the use of human-assisted AI techniques, and of course participation in this community!

I’ve committed to onboarding them right here on the forums, and that way our members can also follow along and learn (as if they had just joined the best team of real estate SEO experts in the world themselves!)

Getting started - we need to pick a few countries. We’ll go two close to home and 2 aboard (all of which we already have listings for).

Wes you’re on Canada and Ireland
Marcello you’re on the US and England.

Our primary goal is to research and pick 10 elements that will form the basis of the “main” country page. The pillar page. (well 9 actually since real estate must be a category).

You can certainly ask AI to do this for you, but should also spot check the top rankings sites to see what topics they cover. The idea being if we cover more topics (and in more depth / quality) than the other pages, we’re in a good place.

As discussed - H1 is primary keyword.

H2’s will be the heading of each element (sub topic)

Then paragraphs (not too long) on sub-topics which will in short order link to sub-pages on those topics which are much more robust in nature and targetted only to those sub topics.

For example:

h1: Canada

H2: The History of Canada


Detailed breakdown of Canadian History

H2: Tourism in Canada

Explore Tourism Options For Canada

Make sure you’ve got really great titles (just wrote about that here)

Filenames for “main pages” are just the country name /canada/ /ireland/

For sub-pages filenames are /canada/canadian-history/

For meta descriptions, be sure to start your reading at the real estate meta descriptions blog post.

I’ll teach you about property snippets in another thread :slight_smile:

Thank goodness you helped us with the pronunciation of Wes. :sweat_smile:

It was a great meeting. Excited to watch these guys do their thing!


Thanks for putting this together, Morgan! I’m looking forward to starting on this project - I’ll get started on this.

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Are these pages intended to function in a way similar to area pages on our client sites?

This project is going to be awesome!

Amazing! Thank you for putting this all together, Morgan. Couldn’t be more excited to get started.
(ps. thanks for highlighting the pronunciation of my name… historically, this has been quite an issue!)

Kind of - the country pages are more to capture general traffic while serving as a drill down to the “money pages” which will happen later.

So navigate nationally it will be Country > State / Province > County / Region > City / Town > Neighborhood.

City / Town & Neighborhood are the money pages (they will be akin to our area pages on real estate websites).

The higher tier pages are more generic awareness-type traffic (great place for new SEOs to practice/learn REW style content development, SEO, and AI.)

The higher-tier pages will also be used for link building, link attraction, and authority development. The idea is super high quality, more helpful than any other site, and interesting blog posts that cover content in unique ways (the blog posts will attract the most social citation and links I’m guessing).

An important point to this partial is it’s meant to appeal to a person who does NOT live where they are researching who is considering several areas to potentially move there.

Answering fundamental questions like:

Is it safe?
Is it fun?
What kind of things are there to do there?
How affordable is it?
What is getting a job like? (do I need a PR)?

Hey all! Below are my H2 headings/topics for both the United States and England. I included an alternate shortened version of each title in case the first is too long and/or if we wanted to target different SEO terms.

US - Main Country Page

H1: United States


  1. The History of the United States

Alt: U.S. History

  1. Landmarks & Tourism in the United States

Alt: Landmarks & Tourism

  1. Best Places to Visit in the United States

Alt: Top U.S. Destinations

  1. American Cuisine: A Guide to Regional Specialties

Alt: Guide to American Cuisine

  1. The United States Real Estate Market

Alt: U.S. Real Estate

  1. Top Colleges & Universities in the United States

Alt: Top U.S. Schools

  1. A Guide to America’s National Parks

Alt: America’s National Parks

  1. Government & Politics in the United States

Alt: U.S. Government

  1. Festivals & Celebrations in the United States

Alt: Festivals & Celebrations

  1. Famous Americans and Their Contributions

Alt: Famous Americans

  1. The Economy of the United States

Alt: Jobs in the U.S.

England - Main Country Page

H1: England


  1. The History of England

Alt: England’s History

  1. The Real Estate Market in England

Alt: England Real Estate

  1. English Culture & Traditions

Alt: Culture & Traditions

  1. The Royal Family of England

Alt: The Royal Family

  1. The Best Places to Live in England

Alt: Best Places to Live

  1. Architecture & Design of England

Alt: Architecture & Design

  1. Food & Drink in England

Alt: English Cuisine

  1. Historic Homes & Properties in England

Alt: Historic Properties in England

  1. Education in England

Alt: English Education

  1. English Sports & Recreation: Football, Cricket, Rugby, and More

Alt: Sports & Recreation

  1. England & Brexit

Alt: Brexit

  1. The Economy of England

Alt: Jobs in England


It’ll be interesting to see what kind of traffic it gets.

Might also be a great test bed for gathering data about AI & SEO.

Similar to what Neil Patel did with their test websites.

Hey everyone,

To get started, I’ve also included the initial H1, and H2 tags - for both Canada and Ireland. I’ve borrowed Marcello’s idea by offering an alternative, simplified H2

Canada - Main Country Page

H1: Canada

  1. The History of Canada
    Alternative: Canada’s History

  2. Geography of Canada: Landscapes, Climate, and Biodiversity
    Alternative: Canadian Geography

  3. Canada’s Government and Politics
    Alternative: Canadian Government and Political Structure

  4. Canadian Economy: Industries, Trade, and Economic Indicators
    Alternative: Canada’s Economy

  5. Canadian Society and Culture
    Alternative: Canada’s Culture and Society

  6. Canadian Real Estate
    Alternative: Canada’s Real Estate

  7. Canadian Healthcare System: Access, Quality, and Funding
    Alternative: Canada’s Healthcare System

  8. Canadian Education: School Systems, Universities, and Research
    Alternative: Canada’s Education System

  9. Canadian Tourism: Natural Wonders, Cities, and Activities
    Alternative: Canada’s Tourism Opportunities

  10. Canadian Sport: Popular Activities, Teams, and Athletes
    Alternative: Canada’s Sporting History

Ireland - Main Country Page

H1: Ireland

  1. Irish History: Ancient Times to Modern Era
    Alternative: Ireland’s History

  2. Irish Geography: Landscapes, and Climate
    Alternative: Ireland’s Geography

  3. Irish Culture: Music, Status, and Revival
    Alternative: Ireland’s Culture

  4. Irish Language: History, Status, and Revival
    Alternative: Irish Language

  5. Irish People: Ethnicity, Religion, and Society
    Alternative: Irish People

  6. Irish Real Estate Opportunities
    Alternative: Ireland Real Estate

  7. Irish Politics: Government, and Northern Ireland
    Alternative: Irish Politics

  8. Irish Economy: Key Sectors, Trade, and Development
    Alternative: Ireland’s Economy

  9. Irish Tourism: Attractions, Activities, and Accommodation
    Alternative: Irish Tourism

  10. Irish Sports: Gaelic Games, Rugby, Soccer, and Horse Racing
    Alternative: Irish Sporting History


Had a great consult/meeting wtih the lads today - they are now starting on the content generation for these headings VIA AI.

Can’t wait to see the first drafts!

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