New REW CRM Released In BETA. Real Estate Webmasters CRM Launch!

@ajhazzi - your site has now been updated to the beta

AJ’s site is not on the Beta list - did you mean Erin’s site? (I just checked, yes it looks like it was) phew! Don’t upgrade AJ’s site yet please, it’s way too custom for the first round.

@ErinReeves your site is upgraded! :slight_smile:

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Team, can you please add to your list? @Shaunsimpson

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@WilfKnappers - your site has now been upgraded

I’m interested!

Yes please we would love to on this project. Stuart Neal Ambergate Realty Advisors.

I would like to be a Beta tester please and provide feedback!

Wow, Tony, just checked out your site, it’s awesome! Good job on the colours and content choices.

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@Richard @Aayaam can you please add Tony Cikes, Stuart Neal, and Kevin Yankow to the beta (I think AndyM is live now too, add him to the list! : )


@Morgan roger that!
@Richard you know what to do :slight_smile:
Let’s get them on the latest, Tuesday first thing!

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Thank you Morgan for taking a look and for your kind words. I appreciate the support and look forward to trying the new CRM. Enjoy your long weekend!

Thank you Aayaam! Enjoy your long weekend!

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We would be very interested in this, as we are just starting to set our CRM up for a team approach. Jason Phee, our Key Account Manager, felt that we were a good fit.

Matt Cochrell
Ready Realty
readyrealtyoh .com


@StuartNeal - your site has been upgraded to the latest

@Tony - your site has been upgraded to the latest
@mcochrell - your site has been upgraded to the latest

For those still waiting, you are on the list, and most likely have customizations that might make the update take slightly longer but we will update you once the release has rolled out!

Thank you Richard!

@Shaunsimpson - your site has now been upgraded to the latest.

Hi Morgan, I’d like to try out the new CRM in beta

@Dwaynedesormeaux - your site has been updated to the beta