New REW CRM Released In BETA. Real Estate Webmasters CRM Launch!

We have some exciting news! The new REW CRM has been released in Beta today!

What does this mean?

The rollout plan…

As of today, all “net new” installs of #renaissance will be installed with our brand new REW CRM.

For existing customers:

We have done extensive testing including running the new CRM on for several months now AND we have done several “upgrade” test runs, and so we are ready to start taking requests for Beta Upgrades.

However (please read this first) we have some recommendations.

We are going to take a phased approach with “upgrades”.

The reason for this is: Even with the most extensive testing possible “pre-launch” there are always things that you will only discover once you get a much larger sample set of customers using the platform.

We fully anticipate that once upgraded, our awesome customers/users will find some workflows we may have missed and or test combinations of tech/browsers, etc that we simply did not have available.

As such, we’ll be taking orders for upgrades in batches (say 25-50 at a time) so that we can do the rollouts, test the upgrade path, listen for feedback etc.

If you would like to be considered for the first round of Beta upgrades you must:

  • Be on the Renaissance platform
  • Not have significantly customizations to your site (especially the CRM and IDX)
  • Have less than 25 users (we are not recommending large teams or brokerages upgrade “yet” as that brings in too many x-factors with agents not experienced with providing feedback / using the CRM (also we don’t want you overwhelmed with reports on the same/similar bugs, it’s best you let us test it out on smaller teams/brokers first)
  • Be willing to provide constructive well documented feedback on the system.
  • Most importantly, you need to be able to tolerate occasional issues with the system. Again we have tested it extensively, but chances are you will find something that is broken (we’re counting on it, that’s why we have a beta) and we can’t guarantee an immediate turnaround or quick fix for all issues.

So if you’re going to raise your hand for this, you need to accept that some things just might not work for a period of time until they can be scheduled and properly released after testing.

That is just the nature of new software and beta groups. You get early access (exciting) but there is a chance we find some bugs post launch. We’ll do our best to squash them quickly, but in the meantime we need you be prepared to handle not having that feature until patched.

So what do you say? Who wants to be a beta Tester? (The line starts below)

If you post your name / URL we can take a look for you and we’ll let you know if you fit in our phase 1 list or if we recommend you wait a little while before getting patched.

Anyone who wants a demo of the new CRM features before you decide, reach out to your account manager and they would be happy to book it.

Really exciting day! I can’t wait to see these sites go live!

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We have our first accepted brokerage volunteer! West And Main Homes!

We have 2 sites for them, their main site (too many agents, too many customizations)

But their 2nd site - we launched recently and it’s nearly 100% out of the box, and the agents aren’t entrenched in the old system.

What I love about this is that they can start with their smaller website (and smaller test group) and build up a knowledge base/education materials so that when it’s time in a few months, we can seamlessly upgrade their larger brokerage site.

Welcome to the Beta program @gregofisch and @staciestaub

Let me know when you want to schedule your first demo/education session. I’ll do it personally :slight_smile:


Let’s go!

@Aayaam @MattPinneo


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You got it! We will get the ball rolling!

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Yes! I would love to take part in the Beta!!

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Would love to check it out and test it!

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I’m still building out our website and minor edits and would love to be a part of it.

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We might be a perfect fit. We have our old site running and our renaissance site in processing. We have very few agents that were willing to stay with the old CRM due to its complexity and tough tutorial exposure. Then we also have an incredible amount of spam leads that made everyone abandon the old CRM. This spam problem is being addressed by Anthony H at the moment as the spam leads really took off the last 5 months. We might be perfect to give our old agents a chance to come back and experience it ‘clean’ without having exposure to the old artifacts. :slight_smile:

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What’s your Renaissance site URL?

@ajhazzi coaching client! - we’ll get you on the list :slight_smile:

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What’s your dev?

Hi Morgan, I’d like to try out the new CRM in beta…

You don’t have any custom work I’m aware of, let’s get you on the list! :slight_smile:

Awesome. Anything I need to do on our end?

Not a thing my friend, we’ll get you added to the queue and it will automagically happen in a week or two for you.


Thanks Morgan!

@gregofisch - your site has now been updated to the beta.