New website implementation roadmap

Does anyone have a great roadmap or checklist they’ve used with their new website upgrade/implementation process? I’m upgrading from the Discover platform to Renaissance and have hundreds (if not thousands) of custom pages that need to be re-formatted and checked. I’m trying not to reinvent the wheel; my team admins use Asana for project management and was hoping that someone else had a spreadsheet or checklist or something that made their process easier. Thanks in advance!

There’s no easy way around this… but I suggest using your sitemap to catalog all page URLs (hopefully, your URLs have some structure to allow categorizing them). Then, create whatever columns are needed for review/status, etc.

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Brian, great question, I’m going through the process and started my own spreadsheet, there are so many items to take care of between different departments from updating Website pages, SEO, CRM, PPC and creating a flow. Im still in the early stages, wish I could help.

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i don’t have what youre asking for, but this sounds like a job for regular expressions!

Hey Brian, while you may have hundreds (if not thousands) of pages, I assume there are only a few “templates” in use.

Ideally you’d not have to format page by page, but rather identify (if anything) what markup breaks when the transfer happens (since we will transfer 100% of your pages for you at the database level) and then ideally you’d find out what code needs changing and have REW in effect do a “find and replace” in the CMS database.

Then you’re spot-checking not adjusting a million pages.

It does take professional services time (programming) - but this is actually exactly why we bonus customers who renew/upgrade with us a few hours of professional services time. We know there are a few things that while necessary for an upgrade, are very annoying to have to pay for (I assume you got some bonus hours with your upgrade?)

That would be my recommendation :slight_smile: Save yourself the hassle

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Thanks for this @Morgan! Great idea to have some hours used to just run a script for the find and replace. I didn’t think of using that for formatting or code before; I’ve only used it to replace names, phone numbers, and emails but it would be a huge time saver to use for formatting or replacing code or design elements :+1:t2::+1:t2:. Is this something I’d be able to use an implementation specialist or concierge for or do I need to start a new project and have design or programming work on it? It would be great to just keep @carey.david on the project since he’s been working on it.

Hey Brian I’ll send you an email about this.

This would require retainer project level work which is outside of my capacity. However, I am not sure what your other longer project time is assigned as. I’ll make some inquiries into this and give you some next steps.

While the script itself is not in my scope, identifying similar elements that may require fixing is, and would be a good use of the concierge project

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