Newsletter Integration

Help! What is the best integration you are using to send out newsletters? I was using studeohq however would like to get away from this platform.

Thanks Team!

what is the snippet for newsletters my site is planning on building a newsletter

Why not use the Reniassance CRM to send your newsletter?

We use Mailchimp to design our layouts, and then copy the code into Renaissance so it can look like how we want it to.

Most mail service providers, like Mailchimp, have HTML opt in forms you could embed on a page on your site if you wanted to keep it external.

This is perfect! Thank you.

Yes I want to use Renaissance, it does however limit to mss mail to 1000 contacts so this makes it a little more complicated. How do you work around this?

Hello Eric,
Thank you for reaching out. You can post the newsletter as a blog and then forward the link to your contacts as well as post it to social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Hello Erin,
You can create mailing groups of 1000 or could look into getting a Mandrill or SendGrid account which will allow you to email more leads. These integrate with seamlessly with our framework.

Something to consider Erin, it is highly unlikely you have over 1,000 contacts that have “opted in” to a newsletter. For Canspam compliance you need to allow an opt-in before you can send them a newsletter. IDX registration does allow you to send saved searches (since that is the expressed purpose) but it is not a default opt into a newsletter.

You could use the #subscribe-cta# for this purpose (and you can edit the content to describe a newsletter)