No setup fee / money back guarantee offer

I have just uploaded a new blog outlining a pilot program I am running for the month of January. You can read about it here:

The essence of the offer is this:

1: Waiving the setup fee ($5,000 USD)
2: 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee (SAAS)

The terms and conditions of the offer are pretty simple:
A: Applies to REW Lite (single user) and REW Launch (up to 25 users)
B: Standard 36 Month Required (can be cancelled any time within first 30 days)
C: Money back guarantee is for first months SAAS payment, does not apply to other services or custom work.
D: Custom work not included.

Really that’s as easy as it is :slight_smile:

If you know someone who has been looking at REW or may be interested, I would love it if you could share with them or post this to your social. Thanks in advance to this awesome community


Hey Morgan, I am down for some mutual promotion. As you may know I do quite a lot of video and enjoy much of that space for my business. I have noticed how impressive my REW site Is doing organically but I’m always looking to take it to the next level. I’m excited to head into the next decade working with you and your team.


You’re already on my list my friend! Would love to have you down. I’ll get with the team and propose some dates. Will be great to catch up and discuss your goals for 2020.