On-Page vs Off-Page SEO - what's the difference?

Today I wanted to dive into two topics that are used often in SEO, but can still seem a bit vague: On-page and off-page SEO.

You’ve likely heard it in webinars, or multiple blogs on REW’s website, but what does it mean for real estate professionals?

On-page SEO refers to things we can do on our websites to help search engines like Google understand and (hopefully) favor our content. Quality original content, keyword usage, making sure our website is mobile-friendly, URL structure, etc. This part of SEO is great because it’s strictly in our control.

Off-page SEO involves strategies outside of our control to improve our search engine rankings. What I immediately think of is high-quality backlinks from other websites, positive reviews, making an active presence on social media, etc. Although this is based on external websites, you’re essentially just building relationships and reputation.

A robust SEO strategy uses both of these tactics, and complement each other quite well to improve your site’s visibility, and ultimately bring more leads.

I hope I articulated that well, but if you have any questions, feel free to let me know! I’m happy to chat.


This sort of makes me think of the differences between marketing vs. publicity.

Marketing is internal and very strategic.

Publicity is external and reputation/relationship based.

Both important on their own but combined = success!


Absolutely! There’s a lot of overlap there.