Open House Sign In Form?

Whatsup, has anyone made a form on their Renaissance site that they use for collecting open house leads?
We have some other platforms that offer this, but if we did through the site we would take advantage of our remarketing and CRM connectivity natively. I know I could work with REW for custom form, but if anyone is making due with stock I would appreciate some ideas. #form-contact# or #form-buyers# would likely work as base.

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Here is mine… I had REW make a custom form for me.


If you have multiple people on your team, how does the form know who to assign the lead to?

We create an open house sign in page for each property so leads come in from that specific page and we can identify it.

In the back end of the form, is there a way to set the leads to be assigned to a certain agent (whoever is hosting that particular open house)? I’m trying to get a touchless solution (custom QR code that directs to this form would work) that will register the lead in the CRM to fire off an action plan, pixel them as registering on the website, and redirect them to the property details page so we don’t have to print out flyers (eco-friendly and more convenient for agent & customer). I could pay for or another similar solution but I’d rather it all happen within the website if possible.

In R & D we are working on the ability to add a custom agent parameter to any URL (not just forms) that sets a cookie so that for that visit, and form that is filled out will automatically go to the agent in question (makes it easier than what you describe) - so you’d just add ?agentid to any url string and it would automatically assign all leads captured in the session to that agent id

This will likely be out before EOY @Aayaam can you confirm?

Hi Morgan, Yes this is something which the team is already looking into. This will be included in one of the releases in the coming quarter.

Did this get completed? @Aayaam

Hi Andy, Yes it was released in 2022. Here are the steps to use it -

Step 1: To use this parameter you will need to know the agent ID. Agent ID’s look like “?id=AgentsNumber.” To find an agent ID go to CRM>Company> Agents, and if you hover your pointer over the Agents name it will appear in the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Then to share the agent link simply replace id with agent and then share to route interested leads to your chosen agent.
Example: https:://

Once a new lead clicks on the link with the agent ID the new lead will be redirected to the intended page and any action that triggers a registration means that the agent will be assigned to the new lead in the CRM.

Hope this helps!