Opt-out requirements for contact forms?

Why don’t any of the forms have an opt-out option for SPAM? We had them in our previous website but it looks like Renaissance doesn’t have that, which is required in the U.S. and by our phone provider. I was told that we can’t have them integrate our website phone number until we show them proof of having an opt-out method for texting. Anyone have the same problem? Solution?

The explicit “opt-in” checkbox is actually a requirement when you are opting them into something that is an element “other than” the purpose of the form.

Example: They are filling out a contact request form, but you want permission to add them to your newsletter. You would need to have an “opt in to my newsletter” checkbox (it’s not an “opt-out” that you can’t do as it’s forcing the user to do something if they don’t want something vs requesting something they “do” want). It’s an important distinction, since when it’s “opt-in” - you really don’t want it (if it’s legal to not have it) since in that case, almost 100% of your leads would not be emailable or textable.

What we’ve been told is that since they are filling out a form requesting access and updates to real estate-specific information, we are permitted to not have a check box (separately) since the form in itself is a big ol checkbox. IE filling out the form is expressed consent. Not sure if that makes sense.

We do recommend adding text to your form however that informs the submitter what they are signing up for, what your privacy policy is, how they can opt out (reference their dashboard) and any other information your state or country might require.

As for it being for “SPAM” - a check box or no check box would not have any impact on spammers filling out your forms.

I do have a question for @Rebecca though - in the backed, there is a place to edit the message:

Where does this message display when filled out (and does it support HTML < if it doesn’t, it should that way customers could add links to it if they so chose)

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