Optimizing for FAQ's in Google, Real Estate SEO

Another pro tip for you SEO folks out there. Optimizing for FAQ’s

Here’s the thing - Google LOVES to get asked (and answer) questions. So adding an FAQ section to your page is a quick and easy way to generate unique content, and attract some extra Google love.

Here’s one I just did:

The page is Lake Cowichan Cottages For Sale - Lake Cowichan BC Cottage Info if you’re curious.

What if you don’t know what questions to ask? Well, just Google the main topic you’re interested in (In this case I’ll Google Lake Cowichan Real Estate) scroll down a bit and Google will often give you a list of questions.

Now it is perfectly fine to copy (or nearly copy) the questions themselves (because that is what you’re optimizing for, much like a keyword) but you MUST (and this is a MUST) answer the question in a 100% unique way (your own way) otherwise I shall brand you a bad SEO for life and kick you out of these forums (I’m JK, I won’t) but seriously, make your content unique or it won’t work. :slight_smile:

That’s my final tip of the night for real estate SEO - let me know if you have questions

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