Overwhelmed by writing content?

As exciting as a new website can be, I get that creating content can be overwhelming.

Good news. REW has got you covered!

For the entire month of March, all new websites purchased will come with our Human-Assisted AI package, completely free of charge. Our expert CSM’s, in conjunction with OpenAI technology, will generate and implement up to 10 pages of high-quality area content for your new site.

And, if you want to step it up a notch, you can hire our in-house SEO team to review and make additional edits to the content to help it rank in search engines over time. (Note: AI technology is new and there are important points to keep in mind when using it. Click here to learn more about what those are.)

And that’s just phase one! We have more exciting features and tools coming in the following weeks. You can read more about future developments over at Inman real estate news (the article is paywalled but feel-free to reach out to us for a copy!).

Drop a note below if you want to take advantage of this deal!