PPC Case Study, ongoing. Carly Early stats:

So we’ve been live just a month (still working on the site really) but started PPC a few weeks ago).

We have a very small budget to start (recommended) $500 per month.

So far CPL is already down to $10 lead.

Lot’s of great inquiries and leads are requesting information on various properties.

The site is https://www.carlycarey.com, a Vision Hybrid site with a custom branding package and design that I have personally worked on with the agency. (approx 250 hours “ish”) all in.

The goal is to get the new REW CRM fine tuned, all her automation setup etc, then ramp the leads up. We’ll need an assistant at that time, and will be using the assistant as an ISA / lead scrubber.

Carly is a brand new Realtor starting from a stand still (just 2 months in):
She is NOT on a team.
Has generated 2 listings from friends and family ($1.4 Million)
Has had multiple offers on her commercial property (still negotiating just this weekend)
And just today has received an accepted offer on her first residential listing.
Please join me in congratulating Carly (my super awesome wife) on her start in real estate and if you’re interested, subscribe to this thread and I will provide updates as they come in on how her PPC campaign / lead gen is progressing.

Awesome Job @Carly


FYI, 100% of the leads that have come in this week have been real, had real phone numbers and emails.

Super excited to be developing our teams new REW site on the same platform as Carly’s site! Our team can’t wait to launch in a few months.

Carly, love watching you grow into your new career. You are accomplishing more in a few months than most new agents do in a year. Keep up the good work and know you have an awesome REW tribe behind you.


Well done @Carly super excited for you.

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Thank you so much Jeff. I honestly could not have done it without REW and Morgan. I’m so grateful my career is being launched by the REW team!

Thanks Matt! :slight_smile:

This is fantastic! @Carly & @Morgan

Congrats @Carly, very happy for you.

QUESTION for you @Morgan; We are about to laugh my new REW website shortly, and was thinking to contact you guys for PPC. But should i prepare all my automated email and CRM before any PPC ? Thanks for your awesome work. Very excited to be part of REW.

All the way from Quebec !!!