Presentation on Human Assisted AI - Morgan Carey, CEO Real Estate Webmasters Inc

Hey everyone, here is my presentation on Human Assisted AI from last week in Florida.

Any questions, let me know :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you!

Thanks for sharing! Love that we have access to these resources :slight_smile:.

Oh hey there! Thanks for joining (was awesome to spend some time with you on the bus tour!)

Would love it if you stopped by the introduce yourself thread and shared your market, website, and a bit about you so members know where to send their referrals :slight_smile:

Here’s the thread Introduce yourself 2023 - get to know the REW Community members! - #146 by Morgan

Excellent presentation and content. Thank you for delivering this! AI has the potential to significantly change the workflow, productivity, and relevance of marketing for agents and companies. I’m eager to incorporate AI into my own practices, and to see how it is applied in real estate.


Welcome to the forum @nicole_from_harrynorman! We’re so glad that you enjoyed the presentation and recognize the advantages AI has to offer.