Proper way to use 301 redirect on the backend

I’ve had a couple of REW sites & have just upgraded to Renaissance. But my latest site that was upgraded was a completely different domain (different state). When I put in the redirects from that old domain to the new one, do I type in both full domains? It seems that it only wants the blog link. I’ve noticed that some of my older redirects (I switched domains in the past) start at “/blog/link-name”, and some just start right at the “/link-name”. What is the best practice, especially for a new domain name?

Not sure you want to do any file level redirects if this is the case - a totally different domain in a totally different state needs totally different content.

If you simply want to pass any pagerank from old to new, you can 301 redirect at the registrar level and just send it all to the homepage.

Thanks for answering, but it’s a bit confusing to me. I’ve gone through some otherwise evergreen blog posts and just switched up some of the wording to reflect my new area. Otherwise, those posts are the same. Then there are some posts that were more general, so I just tweaked a few things and I want to leave them be. Also, most of my site pages, for buyers and sellers, are also general and evergreen, so I’d also like to keep each one of those. I did delete a lot of posts that only pertained to my prior state, but I still have a lot of posts left since starting in 2005. So with a bunch of pages that were just tweaked but otherwise the same, should I still do what you’re suggesting? And I guess I do that with my registrar? Thanks!