Realtor ® How do create a registered trademark symbol in CSM (Mac) for Realtor

So if you’re like me, you can NEVER remember how to put that stupid circle R thingy after Realtor ® <<< this thing.

If you’re on a mac and using the CMS (or these forums) it’s super simple. Just press “option” + R

That’s it! You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


@Morgan Oh my gosh. Haha. Even I always copy/paste. Thanks!

ALT + 0174 for PC :nerd_face: When you write enough blogs / content you learn these two commands pretty early on. :rofl:

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How To Make The Realtor Symbol For PC

Here are some more methods for creating the ® symbol if you’re not using a mac

  1. Type Ctrl+Alt+R. This works in Microsoft apps like Outlook and Word
  2. In Google apps (like Google Docs) just type “(r)” and it will auto-correct to the ® symbol

I think the auto-correct method works with Microsoft products as well, and it works for other symbols like ™ and ©

I tried doing the Alt+0174 method on PC but had a few problems with it. First, it only works with the numpad keys, not the top-row numbers. This is a bit unintuitive, but wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that some of the numpad keys have second functions which trigger when you’re inputting the code. So my keyboard has the “7” key double as “Home”, so when I try the code it usually exits the page I’m on. Frustrating!

Making the ® symbol in Google Docs works better for me mostly because I just use Google Docs more. However, if I’m being honest, the method I use the most is just finding it somewhere and copy-pasting it :sunglasses: