Recent issue with Sendgrid

Hello All,

I wanted to update you on a recent issue related to Sendgrid (the service Google Cloud / REW uses to send emails via the CRM)

Late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning there was attempted breach on one of REW’s enterprise Sendgrid accounts.

Both Sendgrid Security Protocols and REW Server Admins were alerted and jumped on the issue right away to block the attempt.

As an unknown side effect of this block, Sendgrid requires us to update our API keys to unblock the paused queue within our systems. REW is now working on this and estimates that a resolution should be available within hours or less for all REW customers using REW’s shared enterprise Sendgrid services.

Services that are affected:

  • Email notifications (to you) about new leads.
  • Saved Searches
  • Drip / Blast emails

These services are currently in a queue, and will likely be delivered late as they are released, but there is the potential that some notifications might be lost in the update which would effect communications from the system on this past Wednesday and this morning.

It is important to note that this does NOT affect or have anything to do with your email addresses or emails.

This is also not related to REW’s Cloud Servers or hosting environment, there has been no compromise of REW’s servers.

This is an issue with the third party service Sendgrid which is the delivery service used to send blast/batch emails.

Clients not on shared IP Sendgrid (the free version provided by REW) should in no way be affected by this attempt. If you are interested in having your own IP/account (there are several other benefits to this) REW can swap out your API key once you sign up for a pro account. (Sendgrid just charge for pro-accounts, but REW does not charge for implementation of pro accounts into your project)

We will provide updates as soon as they are available, and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.


Can we please get an update on this matter? Our site has been performing poorly ie not updates, no leads and few visits since July 1st. Today is July 5th. Thank you.

Hello Stuart,

I will be posting an update later today. Thanks for your patience, just waiting for a response from Sendgrid


It appears as thought sendgrid is delivering. We are keeping an eye on this as there is quite a large backlog of emails to clear.

Thanks again for your patience.

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