Register with Gmail for the website

We really need to add this feature to #Renaissance.

The ability (right when you visit the site) to be able to register from the pop down from Google.

@Aayaam capture this for us will you? (Redfin does it)


Hey @Morgan, this would a great feature. I was also thinking (selfishly) that it would be helpful to have information on how to migrate from an Office 365 email to Gsuite/Gmail to help with the adoption rate of the new feature. Just a thought since that is where we are struggling. We want to go to GSuite.

Russel it’s a very easy process IF you hire an expert (we are not experts at this, we hired it out for oir org) @vyluu who did we use, they were good weren’t they?

@Morgan captured! @russkipnis Here is a Google support link I found -

Depending upon the size of the org, your team can do it internally or hire a consultant as Morgan suggested. There is definitely a change management and training piece to it that may need to be taken into account. Hope this helps!

Hello Morgan and Russel. We worked with Onix ( This was in 2018 and our experience was good. They were knowledgeable, understood urgency and executed well. We evaluated several vendors before choosing Onix. Let me know if you have any other questions. I can also make a connection with the team we worked with if you decide to go with Onix…

Thank you @Aayaam, @Morgan and @vyluu for the resources. I spoke with Bit Titan and some of their preferred vendors but only migrating 15-20 email accounts is not worth their time. Will definitely check out Onix.



Also… we used a local consultant to move to google, he even scheduled times with each agent at our office to help them with the migration. I’m sure that could all be done online now, let me know if you want his contact info.

Yes please

Hey @Morgan are you referring to this - ตั้งค่า  |  Authentication  |  Google Developers ?

I have been trying to get this setup on our site at the moment, I’m wondering though if there’s something more needed on REWs end to enable? I was able to get it to the point where the one tap showed up, but the registration isn’t taking. I don’t know what I did but it isn’t firing at the moment in chrome, and in testing with Firefox its showing up, just same thing where I go to sign in and then it doesn’t take the sign up.


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Yeah currently it needs to be custom coded. Doesn’t work without programmers help.

Thanks for the info! We’ll get it piled into our ren launch.

I don’t have a gmail account. Do I have to have one?

This doesn’t require you (the REW customer) to have a Gmail account, but it only prompts when Chrome detects a user with Gmail account.