Renaissance 2024 - join our team in our custom journey

Hey everyone - we have some exciting news for 2024.

You probably already saw that @Carly is launching her brand new team (and brand) but what you don’t know (well I guess you do now) is we are going to be doing a 2024 version of her website.

The plan - in 2023 we launched a product called “Lux” in partnership with LRE@ where myself, Meghan Barry and the ultra-talented @AmyPye took a base model Renaissance and customized it with calls to action, new design elements, basically a $50k custom site that LRE members could access without having to pay a lot of custom work for.

We’re now opening up that site to all REW users and we have a special invitation for you.

Here’s what we’re doing: Currently, myself and Amy are redesigning Carly’s site using what we’re now calling Renaissance 2024 and we’re taking it a step further by adding even more custom touches.

We’d like to invite you to join us: Basically, leverage all the things we’ve learned since the last design + take advantage of our epic creative teams and SEO teams to incorporate the cutting edge of techniques and features.

We’ll do all the work (work you would normally have to pay 10’s of thousands of dollars for.

All you need to do is pay for the “copy” time (so instead of 200 hours of design and 200 programming, you can probably copy most of this stuff for 20 hours design and 20 programming (just an example not an estimate).

We have even bigger news, in that Tony G - one of real estates best known SEO’s is also joining us on this journey and he and I have put our SEO heads together to come up with a list of really awesome SEO augmentations for the site.

Many of these will come standard (out of the box) but some simply need programming to pull off (so those would be billable)

But either way - get 10’s of k worth of design ideas, programming code and SEO augmentations for a fraction of the cost.

That’s the idea - our code, initial design ideas, SEO augmentations etc are free to all “Renaissance” users (they are copyright Real Estate Webmasters so do NOT try to copy them to other sites) and so all you have to pay is the time it takes developers to go grab the free code, put it on your site and then do any customizations you want on your side.

Who’s in? (Follow this post for more updates in real-time as we progress towards our new Renaissance 2024 site)


This is such an exciting time for the launch of Renaissance 2024 and Carly’s gorgeous new site! I am the newest member of the @Carly Carey Real Estate Team and can say from my own personal experience the power Renaissance has had on our business. I absolutely LOVE the new rebrand of our site and can’t wait to see what else the talented folks at REW create!


@AmyPye you should show them some of the corresponding marketing materials (like the new Instagram) that we’re working on too!

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Yes please! I would love to see this too!

You bet! Working on a curated look and feel for the Instagram grid. Will be adding more to this as well so that there is lots of flexibility…while staying on brand.


Very clean and sleek @AmyPye! Great job :clap:

This is looking amazing! I’m excited about the rebrand and the launch of the new site. Starting a team with the support of REW seems like a no brainer. @Garyashton has been telling me for YEARS to start a team… well, here we go!

Yes! Eager to see the new site and interested in expanding ours like this. Would love to chat!


The homepage mock above is finalized, would love to get you into the queue - I’ll ping @carlyfay to reach out to you in the new year to get you a project going.

Stay subscribed to this thread for more updates.

In terms of process, super simple - take all of it, or just take some of it.

Example - “I really like this section of the mockup” can you have a designer go grab that and put it on my site? (Insert screen)

Of course taking all of it is best since we’re making this as kick ass as possible! :slight_smile:

Actually, you know what? Why don’t we show you! @AmyPye can you show Kent what his site might look like (bring in some the BHHS colours) on his (incorporating the elements from Carly’s mockup)

Hi Kent! Definitely an exciting update :slight_smile: I will reach out to you and Paige to set up a time to chat.

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You bet! reimagined … :slight_smile:

Obviously content is just filler. But I think this gives an idea of what could be!


That looks badass! Thanks @AmyPye

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I’m in! Sign me up for Carly’s homepage mods. :fire:

You got it! @AmyPye - we already did a mock for Tony (his texas colours) can you swap out that first LUX version using Carly’s mods / Renaissance 2024


Looks great! We’re definitely interested in this.

You bet! What do we think?


We’ll have your account manager reach out :slight_smile:

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Thanks! We submitted our updates to Angela by email.

Love this!! Perfect timing too, as I’m just getting my new Renaissance site going :muscle:t2: