Rennasiance Logo

I am trying to access the footer and header. I cant seem to remove the rennasiance logo with my company logo. When i use the footer body snippet nothing changes in the footer. I need to know how to edit the header logo and the footer in full.

Hello Ashley,

The logo in the header is not contained in a snippet, instead, it is found in the Backend under Settings > CMS.
The footer logo in the Renaissance site is controlled via the #footer-logo-left# snippet.
It looks like the #footer-logo-left# snippet was set up with the Renaissance template default logo while your footer logo was placed in the #footer-body# snippet.

I took the liberty of moving your logo out of the #footer-body# snippet and placed it in the #footer-logo-left# snippet.

Let me know if you have any further questions about your site logos.


What is the ideal size for the logo change? Also what is the code used to change out the logo?

Recommended Size: 240 x 64 pixels
You change it in the settings /backend/settings/cms/ (you don’t need code, just upload it)

I realize this is an older thread, but spot-on for my question. Which answer is correct for the footer logo in Renaissance? I’ve got a brokerage-supplied subdomain site that has it coded in the footer, but also have my own Renaissance site and the footer logo upload is not present in Settings → CMS like the support docs indicate. All other logo uploads are there… just not the footer. Can it be uploaded, or do I need to toss the code in the snippet?

For your agent subdomain you can go to
Content > Snippets > Footer Logo Left (this may be different on your end) but should be a snippet for footer.

You will need to upload your logo on your MoxiManager and then copy the upload link to the snippet.

a href="/" aria-label=“Go to homepage”
img src="/linkhere" alt=“alttexthere”/

The html was inputted vs now showing LOL