Requests for guest blogposts on my website

Guest Post Requests

I am receiving requests from people to post articles on my website ( as guest blog authors. Is this a good or bad thing to do? Are there any benefits to me? @Morgan @AmyPye

I have allowed guest posters for a while. I’m dealing with one source now that uses different authors. She knows the keywords I prefer so they write about real estate and many of the posts are local. I have also asked that all content must be unique and that outside links need to be limited to 2. They even put internal links in the posts.

Morgan questioned why I’m doing this and it’s to keep my blog updated and active. Now with ChatGPT I’m psyched to create more posts (I’ve got the ideas, it’s just so time consuming starting from scratch). I’m working on a post now using ChatGPT and I always add my own words and edit it to how I would write it.

I’ll be interested to see if this is a good or bad thing, especially when the guest posts are on topic. But you have to make sure the posters know what you want. I have had to edit some of the posts and I let the author know what and why.


Hi Denise, If its from relevant partners you work with (building inspectors, mortgagebrokers, etc) I’d say it would be beneficial to provide that information to your audience! I’d be sure to check in to any random requests you are getting.

As an aside, I thought you’d want to know that your website still has Lorem Ipsum placeholder text in your one section! its in the “World Class Estates” section.

Great answer Cody!

The thing about guest blog posts, is they should NEVER be about anyone “getting a link” - it should be to the mutual benefit of the partners participating.

Do you know them and trust them? (Trust them enough to allow them to be presented on your website as an author?)

Is there a benefit to YOUR readers to have the content on there?

If yes, you’re good. But I’d still nofollow the links anyways.

As for random requests? No way (not ever, not in a million years) I don’t let a stranger in my house, why would I let them join my marketing team?


NOT AN SEO EXPERT but here’s my take.

Often in these situations the people reaching out aren’t looking for an equitable trade. You’re diluting your websites SEO if you’re not properly researching the company looking to write, and they’ll often pitch a link back in return.

Essentially though, what you’re receiving is automated software and likely a bit of manual research. These marketers have tools where they target keywords and then look for sites with strong domain authority to build their articles from.

Once your site starts generating organic traffic, it’s very common to start receiving these requests and with the ease of creating content nowadays (which in my opinion was the true value) they’d have to deliver STELLAR content for me to want to add them and like Morgan said, offer a nofollow link, they likely won’t do it?

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I’ve allowed some reputable sites to do sponsored guest posts for things that I’m not competitively ranking for. I avoid link-for-link exchanges as that’s against Google’s policy, however, some of them are in networks of other bloggers and can make trades with other sites for your links.

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