Responsive Images

I’m looking to upload a responsive image on our webpage that goes edge to edge on the webpage, however, the image is restricted from going past a certain parameter.

Is there a way to override this? Or does REW need to do this for us?

The margins / widths of the body content area are set by external CSS done at the time of design. What is your URL? Perhaps that template has a div option? (Question: do you know CSS / HTML well?)

I know HTML well enough to read, insert & edit the coding to understand what the output will be.

Hi Morgan,

Do our custom website allow the ability to edit the CSS? There’s so much back and forth, that if we can edit ourselves, we can clean it up to the way we want.

Hello Chris,
That is another customers website in development. Are you on Brad’s team?

The answer to the question is no, you do not have external CSS access, but if you know CSS, you should be able to do inline CSS (especially using a snippet).

If this is something is a div or class you need though, since it’s an active dev, why not have Brad request it? Then it can be available globally as a wrapper for later use. Seems like a simple thing for the designers to create for you