REW Academy: tailored training for modern Realtors®

Hey everyone, Wes here.

A portion of my role at Real Estate Webmasters is staying on top of industry trends, and I’ve noticed there’s a sea of “how-to” videos and articles out there. But how do we sift through the noise and find quality, actionable insights tailored for our industry? That’s what lead me to REW Academy.

A few things I’ve seen so far:

  • Comprehensive Training - the academy is a great source of knowledge for real estate professionals. Whether you’re aiming to scale your business, learn more about digital marketing, or leveraging REW’s suite of tools, this is where you want to start.
  • User-Friendly Access - We’ve recently revamped the look and feel of the academy to make it more intuitive and accessible.
  • Some Benefits - There’s heaps of short courses for the modern Realtor®. Specifically SEO, PPC, and more. Plus for those who’ve got a grip on the basics, we also offer more advanced courses where @Morgan discusses “Advanced Technical SEO,” and more.

I genuinely think that REW Academy offers heaps of actionable insights and advice.

If you’ve watched one of our videos, let me know your thoughts!