REW CRM - A Day In the Life Of An Agent - Presented by Morgan

We love to hear from our amazing forum community. This was a terrific suggestion by @SteveRWalter for a webinar.

It’s such a great topic that we asked the master himself to teach it. Thank you @Morgan

I hope everyone can join us on Monday, May 15th @ 10 am PST. Here is the Zoom registration link:

Good times!

Not such a formal agenda on this one - I’m quite literally going to log into @Carly CRM, and take you through the places I would go if I was an agent, and what I’d look for.

Also, I’ve intentionally asked Carly to leave some stuff undone, since I’ll be making comments as if I were her team leader, broker or trainer as well (how she could improve).

Going to be fun :slight_smile:

Great webinar Morgan! Thank you to all the participants today. We had a ton of awesome questions.

We will add the link to the recording on the forum, as soon as it is ready.

In the meantime, here are the last 4 CSM webinars that will help all those new to the CRM or those who just need a refresher.

April 27th: Preview on today’s session. High level on the agent workflow

April 13th: Creating and editing Agent Subdomains

March 21st: Saved Searches & General CRM Tips

March 7th: Creating & Editing Snippets

Of course, anything we haven’t covered and you need help with - please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager @JayPhee @StephanieP @REWShannon @Laura or your Customer Success Manager @sammiho

Also, don’t forget our incredible Customer Care team who is always available if you have any problems setting up your action plans, smart lists, groups or campaigns that we went through today: We do get webinar ideas from the questions that our support team receives frequently. I know @Kyle is always looking for suggestions for new webinar topics as well.


Sorry I wasn’t able to attend the Zoom call on Monday. Did anyone record it? Thanks, Steve

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No problem @SteveRWalter, as soon as the video recording is available - I will send it to you.

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Hi Maria, can you send recording to me as well? A couple of my agents were not able to attend and would like to check out… thanks!

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Of course. We should have it available next week.

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Morgan Carey - A Day In The Life Of An Agent - realestatewebmasters-4 here you go folks :slight_smile:

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