REW CRM change - show only my form letters / categories first as admin

I’d like to request a small change to the way we show things in REW CRM (starting to drive me a bit bonkers now that we’re power users ourselves)

Here’s the issue - as super admin, you see “everything” when you’re in categories or form letters (likely other places like groups etc), and when you have lots of agents and lots of form letters from them, it’s really daunting to have to scroll through it all.

Granted in most cases you can use the fly-out to select just from your agent: But I think that’s backward

What I think the solution is (this is an official change request @Aayaam @Rebecca) is to have it so that even if you’re logged in as super admin, the “default” is to only show super admins created groups, form letters, categories, etc.

Then if I want to see all (which in my case would be almost never) I could go to the fly-out, and remove the agent = super admin, and click apply, that would show all.

For me (and I think for many folks with a lot of agents) this would make those admin areas far more useful

Pretty please?


I can definitely see how that would be annoying as a super admin. Will bring this request to the R&D team now :slight_smile:

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Co-sign 100%, a very nice update for us. Speaking of managing long lists of form letters, groups, etc at super admin level, it would be helpful to have a short preview of the description. For example, Groups could be something like this concept. Some names are not very self explanatory and a description preview in the list view would help reduce the need to click into it to find out what it is.


This is a great suggestion! Approved!! @Rebecca while we’re in there?



Great suggestion @Victor_Lozada Have added this to the backlog :slight_smile:

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Thanks for adding this! We’ve been trying to get better at using the description fields. This will be added motivation to do it.